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Call In an Absence
If an absence is absolutely necessary, parents must call the Malow attendance voice mail BEFORE 9:00 a.m. The attendance phone number is 797-3599. Give the student’s name (spelling the last name), grade, reason for absence and length of absence. The voice mail is on twenty-four hours a day, so you can avoid busy phone lines in the morning by phoning in the night before. If unable to reach the
voice mail, parents may call the Main Office at 797-3500. If it is impossible to call the school, the parent must supply a signed note stating the date and reason for absence when the student returns to school or the absence will be counted as unexcused.

Automated Attendance
For the safety of our students, Malow uses an automated attendance phone system. If you have not called the attendance line to excuse your student’s absence for the day, you will receive an automated phone call beginning at 6:00 pm. Early Dismissal

If a student must be excused for any portion of the school day, a note signed by the parent stating the child's name, grade, date and reason for the dismissal is required. The note should be placed in the early dismissal request box on the counter in the Main Office before school begins on the day of the early dismissal. The student will then pick up an early dismissal pass after first hour so he/she can
be released from class at the time of the dismissal. To reduce the number of disruptions to important teaching time and to reduce the waiting period for the parent, a note must be sent in.

For liability and safety purposes, parents MUST come in to the Malow Main Office to sign out their student for the early dismissal.