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Book Tasting Café gives Malow students a flavor of the world of reading
Book Tasting Cafe' gives Malow students a flavor for great books
Posted on 09/28/2021
A compilation of photos from tasting event

A group of junior high school students recently got a taste of what waits for them behind the pages of different types of books.

Malow Junior High School students took part in the first ever “Book Tasting Café” – a project that introduced them to new genres that may be outside their normal book interest.

I enjoyed the book tasting because I really wanted to try new genres, said Marija Gjokaj.   I read books I thought I wouldn't like but I did.  I got really into Mystery.

Malow English teacher Julie Bench said the project was a kick off to her SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) unit - a year-long focus on reading. 

“I wanted to get my students excited about reading and possibly introduce them to a genre they have never read before,” she said.

The Book tasting event had all the feel of a real café:

The books were listed on a menu;

-A napkin was available for them to reflect on what they were learning;

-A bookmark allowed them to capture favorite tastes;

-And, the books were served to them on a platter.

Students had five minutes to sample each of the five literary smorgasbords, where they recorded their thoughts about what they read and the genres of each book.

The students had a good time, found new books they didn't think they would ever be interested in, and discovered that reading wasn't all that bad,” Bench said.  “Oh, they loved the cookie also.”