Malow students excited about opportunities in new year
Malow students excited about opportunities in new year
Posted on 08/28/2016
Back to School

The class schedule is in hand, the locker is assigned, classes with friends in them are checked and the location of the new rooms are identified.

Let the new year begin!

"I am excited to be coming back to see my teachers and meet new friends," said Francesca Lipriano, a Malow 8th grader who picked up her class schedule this week.

UCS secondary students began visiting their schools this week as part of the registration process.

For Alea Czepeska, the moving up a grade brings new opportunities, such as participating in athletics as a freshmen at Eisenhower High School. She is also looking forward to the challenges of an accelerated algebra program she has this year.

"I love math," she said.

Taking advantage of unique program opportunities is also what Jackson Viar is looking to this year, a freshmen who will also be attending the Utica Center for Science and Industry and participating in the Jazz Band. 

He also appreciates the building upgrades at his school.

"I really like the new ceiling tiles - it makes it a whole lot better for us," he said.

The school year starts in UCS on September 6. It will be a half-day for elementary students and a full day for secondary.