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About Us
Office hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Excluding Holidays)

Address: 6400 25 Mile Road, Shelby Township, MI 48316
Main school phone: (586) 797-3500
School fax: (586) 797-3501
Please call our attendance line to report a student absence.
Attendance line: (586) 797-3599

Homework Requests
Per district policy, as spelled out in the Junior High School Parent and Student Handbook, “Homework requests may be made for an absence of three or more days in the case of both excused and pre-excused absences. Homework requests require 24 hours to process.”

Homework requests will be honored after three consecutive days of absence. This request is done through the Main Office by calling 797-3500. Twenty-four hours are needed to complete this task.

Students absent for one or two days can check PowerSchool for their assignments. Please encourage your child to make a list of other students’ phone numbers from each class so they may contact them about missed homework and assignments.

Dress and Grooming   
Utica Community Schools takes pride in its students and encourages their development of good hygiene and grooming habits. Student dress and appearance that is neat and clean contributes to a positive school environment. Student appearance should not be disruptive to the educational process.

Consider the following guidelines in selecting school clothing: 

•Indecent, tattered or unsafe dress or footwear, or attire that calls undue attention to the 
wearer or has lettering or symbols that are disrespectful or derogatory is not allowed. 
•Beach wear, low-cut tops, tank tops, sleeveless tops, muscle-shirts, see-through clothing, 
short skirts or shorts, tight clothing without proper coverage, pajamas and clothing exposing the shoulders or mid-section are not allowed.
•Knee length shorts and skirts are acceptable. Shoes must be worn.
•Outerwear – such as coats and hats – is not to be worn in school.
•Clothing that promotes illegal substances or drugs, illegal activities, violence, tobacco 
or alcohol is prohibited.
•Clothing or head coverings worn as group identifiers that promote a disruptive school 
climate are prohibited. 
•Jewelry and accessories that may be deemed dangerous are prohibited.